Screens and UI

So i have come up with creatures design


Next update power

So i have looked into the way the game needs a combat system.

  • Added a power bar
  • Looked into the how damage will work
  • how creatures damages is determined by their level
  • How recharge works and how attacking works.

Concept development

So i have chosen to take augons forward as the game idea.

Bellow are a few extras things that i have that i have started to add in to make the game idea stronger:

  • New character- guru to add to story
  • Added more to health mechincs
  • Added a leveling system in

So thats what have been updated for now.

As i go along i will update the with what is changing.


Here are is the different types of games and thing that i look at to get the ideas for my game:


chose this as its a collection game and has creature that you fight and caputer in it.


I was looking at this aswell as it is another collection game that scans barcodes and uses monster to battle and capture other ones.

ARDefender – Tower Defence In Real Life:
Basic tower defence but need to click to attack
No collision
but it does show the type of thing my game might be like.

AR tower defence:

Has to be played in single place

Uses cards only.

Pit Strategy game:
More of a board game
But has a degree of strategy

SCOPE – Augmented Reality Toys.v3:

More to do with one solider

Move around them and pick targets

Idea 2

Like the first idea this one is another augmented reality game that is more to do with capturing and absorbing their powers to become stronger.

Idea 1

This is the concept doc of the first game idea which is an augmented reality RTS that takes place in the air and on the ground:

this is showing the story and also the mechanics that are in the game with the ground and air troops.